Making Benjamin Franklin dreams come true

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We demand the launch of the international project
for overcoming aging and death
with the means of science and technology
with at least $500 billion R&D funding per year
We demand it from the governments of the USA, China, Japan and the countries of EU, whose combined annual national budgets exceed $15 trillion.

We expect that the launch of this project will enable tissue engineering to grow or 3D-print new young and fully functioning organs by the time we or our parents need them to replace our aged ones. If we and our parents live to see the development of such powerful medicinal technologies, then it will be possible for us to live for whatever long time we wish, up to trillions of years, being healthy and young.

The technologies of tissue engineering and 3D-printing already exist. What we need is to bring them to the level on which mass production of all human organs (with the only exception of brain, as this is much more complicated and involves more philosophical and ethical issues) will be possible. In this world, people will only die if their brain is lethally affected. However, brain cancer is a very rare thing, and Alzheimer’s Disease can be defeated in the nearest future. So, if we die from brain cancer and traumas only, we will increase our life expectancy by several hundred years. During this time, science and technology will probably achieve enough development to remove these causes of deaths as well.

$500 billion per year is just $50 per month for each adult person in the developed world. Do you think this is too much for the health of your parents?
Improve your chances of indefinitely long, healthy life today – participate actively in Transhumanist and Immortalist movements to drive the attention of governments and billionaires to the challenge of combating aging now that we can win an ultimate victory over it!

Death from strong general artificial intelligence can happen before death from old age and diseases.

On the other hand, strong AI could help us invent the technologies of radical life extension. So if you want to extend your life, then perhaps it’s better to study questions of AI security and friendliness rather than biochemistry or genetic engineering.

Review of modern AI and its nearest future
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