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Open Letter
We, the undersigned people, urge the governments of the world’s leading nations to launch the international research project for overcoming aging and death, investing in it at least 500 billion dollars per year. This is just about 3% of the combined annual budgets of the USA, Canada, EU, Japan and China that exceed $15 trillion.

The aim of the project is to achieve, through scientific and technological advancement in molecular biology and tissue engineering, the increase in life expectancy at least by 1 year per 1 year. This means an ‘escape velocity’ away from aging for the majority of people living today.

Overcoming aging and death is the most important challenge for humanity at the present moment. Over 40 million people die each year of the diseases associated with aging. Every year 5 million children under the age of year and 1.5 million children aged 1 to 5 years die. Over half a billion people in the world do not live a full life for reasons related to aging.

We ask all those who support this idea to put their signature under our Open Letter and to make every effort to ensure that the project for overcoming aging and death be launched.

To submit your signature please email at , stating your name and the city you live in.
If you are a scientist or a student, please also state your place of work or study.
If you support only this (resolute) version of the letter, please note it in your email. By default, we consider that you support both versions of the letter.